¡Kasch, oh Kasch!

The chief priest stood up and said: “Far-li-mas has destroyed order at Naphta. Tonight, he will show whether this was God’s will.” …

Far-li-mas was called. Far-li-mas came. The king said: “Far-li-mas, the day has arrived when you must cheer me. Tell me a story.” …

…a very old camel driver called Arach ben Hassul, who carries in his heart the most wondrous legend of the past. The legend of Kasch or Napata. —Now you’re all ears, my friend, aren’t you? —It’s quite crazy! Served on a plate, in little more than half an hour, knowledge going back a thousand years! —

…and so, it happened that the camel driver Arach ben Hassul told the tale of the ruin of Kasch:  …This is the story of the ruin of the land of Kasch. Its last children live in the land of For.

Four meleks (kings) ruled the great realm —the first in Nubia, the second in Habesch, the third in Kordofan, and the fourth in For.

The wealthiest of these was the Nap of Naphta, in Kordofan. His capital lay in the direction of Hophrat-en-Nahas. The king owned all the gold and copper. His gold and copper were transported to Nubia, where the great kings of the west searched it out.  Ambassadors came over the sea from the east and, in the south, the king ruled many peoples, who forged iron weapons for him and sent slaves. Thousands of these lived at the Court of the Nap… the Nap of Naphta was the richest man on earth. But his life was shorter and sadder than that of all men…

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